Kids artsy painting parties in Keller, Texas!
Celebrate your child’s big birthday with us!

Birthday parties and private events are typically scheduled for Friday afternoons and evenings, Saturdays throughout the day, with occasional options for weekday evenings or Sundays.  Please view the current party availability using the ‘book now’ button to see which sessions are available.   If you would like to inquire about a time/date that is not listed, please email us to check on availability at parties@ with your group size, age group, and requested date and time.   All party hosts (the person who books the party) are required to stay on site to supervise their guests.

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Private Parties and Birthdays for kids:

We have 2 base options, our Artsy Birthday Party is 90 minutes ($175+), and our Mini-Party is 60 minutes ($100+).  Please read the details about both to find out which is the right fit for your event!

Artsy Kids Birthday Parties:
$175 (includes up to 8 total artists), $10 per additional artist (up to 14 max)

Party packages are available for up to 12 artists (ages 3-5) or up to 14 artists (ages 6-18), and are typically scheduled for Friday evenings and all day Saturdays.  For snapshots of the studio during previous events, birthday projects, party posters, etc., check out the party album on Facebook.

What is included in the Artsy Party?

  • 90 minutes of private party time includes: 5-15 minutes of group collaborative art project at start; 45-60 minutes of instructor-led art project creation time; and 20-30 minutes for cake, presents & party wrap-up! (timing depends on project chosen, timeliness of guests, etc.)
  • Birthday kid picks the project (prior to the event) from 130+ previous examples:  All artists will be creating the same themed artwork to take home!  The party host and birthday kid can choose between project size, media options and or your own personalized theme ($10 additional charge for new or custom theme).  Most parties create on 9×12″ canvas board, upgrades are available for stretched canvas.
  • Each party includes a custom, one-of-a-kind handmade poster created for the birthday kid!  We draw up something fun on a full sheet of poster board, and the guests all get to color it in as they arrive, creating a really cool souvenir keepsake.
  • $10 per additional artist (ages 9 to 18).  We do not recommend your total group be larger than 25.  Parents of party guests ages 6+ are encouraged to drop their child off.  15 or more painters is $30/each.
  • We can do a party for a longer time frame, contact us to discuss options.  $15/15 minutes, depending on studio availability.
  • Non-refundable $50 deposit required for reservation.
  • Artsy parties can add face painting as an add-on as well!

    What does the parent provide for an Artsy Party?
  • Sweet treats (cake, cupcakes, etc.) and Drinks and paper goods for all. We ask party hosts to provide NUT-FREE snacks for the safety of all studio guests.  Parties serving a meal (pizza, extensive snacks, etc. will usually require additional 15 minutes time – $15.)
  • Don’t forget your Candles, Cake knife or server/cupcake plate/candles, etc.!  We have a lighter you can use if needed.  For the leftovers, you can also bring foil/plastic wrap etc. if needed.
  • You are welcome to bring a cooler, or use our full-sized fridge and freezer.
  • A standard plastic party tablecloth for the cake table.  A long, rectangular one works best as it is about 18″x6 feet long.  Please bring 2 more tablecloths for the party tables where they will eat (after their art projects are finished).
  • Any extra decorations desired, (most parties don’t have any!  A few balloons or a banner is fine).  Our quirky studio is filled with art – making a colorful fun backdrop!
  • Kids in clothes they don’t mind getting paint on!  Aprons are provided.
  • Payment method for final balance (due at the close of the party).  Check or credit works best.  Remember, the base party is $175 for up to 8 artists, each additional (up to 14) is $10 each.

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Mini Parties and Birthdays:
$100 (2-6 artists), $8 per additional a
rtist (up to 10 total).

Private mini parties are available for 3-10 artists (ages 4-18) , and are typically added on Friday afternoons and every other Saturday, upon request, based on availability.  Your group will choose their painting project from previous examples (we have more than 100 options!), and each take home their work!  It’s basically like a private, one-hour art lesson.  Mini-parties allow time for art creation only, not time for cake, presents, or games. This is perfect option for those who want to stay on a budget, have limited time,  have plans to eat their treats and open gifts elsewhere, or to kick-off or end a slumber party!  It’s also a great way to get friends together from a playgroup, Girl Scout Troop, or family activity. If you see an open artsy party time on the schedule that you’d like to reserve as a mini party instead, email us and we can see about opening that spot for you.  You will have the reception room for parents to visit, and the art room (not the party area tables).

  • What do I bring for a mini party?
  • Kids in clothes they don’t mind getting paint on!  Make sure everyone is on-time, guests more than 5 minutes late may not be able to have time to create.
  • Payment method for final balance (due at the close of the party).  Check or credit works best.  Remember, the mini party is $100 for up to 6 artists, each additional is $8.
  • No food is allowed to be served or opened at a one-hour mini party.  You can send individually boxed/wrapped/sealed treats home, or party favor bags.

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Private group party or private lessons:

Just want a simple straightforward art lesson for your group?  We can do that!  Private lessons start at $25/half hour, and must be scheduled during our regular weekly semester sessions, or in between parties on weekends.  Let us know what you’d like to learn and we’ll find the instructor right for your group.

1 student, $25/30 minutes, or $40/hr.  2 students, $20/student for 30 minutes, or $50/hour.  3+ students, $15/students